Imagine Learning Subscription

To support Sudbury’s growing English-learning population, SERF awarded a grant to SPS to purchase 20 subscriptions to Imagine Learning, an online program that is designed and differentiated with the English Learner in mind. Imagine Learning allows students to practice needed listening, reading, speaking and writing skills both at home and in the classroom. Students also have access to the program over the summer for practice and retention of their English skills.

It’s fun and it’s good for thinking and it’s good for playing too.

– Elementary Student, User of Imagine Learning

I’m just so thrilled and excited and completely overwhelmed with gratitude!!!!  Thank you for the opportunity to try this learning platform. Many other districts have had great success with Imagine Learning for their English Learners, and we expect the same.

– Eileen Hanson, SPS ESL Teacher

Eileen Hanson, SPS ESL Teacher