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Are you looking for a way to show A Champion Educator how much you appreciate them? Do you want to help educators bring extraordinary learning to their students? An ACE Award is a great way to do both! Awards can be purchased at any time, and will be delivered during our next award period in December 2024.

Give an ACE Award

What’s an ACE Award?

ACE Awards are a meaningful way for families to contribute to Sudbury’s schools while showing appreciation for educators who have had an impact on their child. Families make a donation to SERF in the name of an educator they feel deserves special recognition, and the ACE Award recipient receives a certificate customized with words of gratitude and encouragement from the donating family. Funds raised from the purchase of ACE Awards are then reinvested in the schools in the form of SERF grants which allow Sudbury educators to experiment with innovative and enriching ideas for engaging students.

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What does receiving a SERF ACE Award mean to teachers?

ACE Awards are delivered before the December school break,
at the beginning of Teacher Appreciation Week in the spring,
and at the end of the school year in June.

ACE Awards donations received outside of these times
will be given to the educator during the next delivery timeframe.

Donations for ACE Awards are tax deductible.  |  Questions? Email


2023-2024 ACE Award Recipients

Our community recognizes excellence in the educators who have stood out in their efforts to guide and inspire our students. Thank you to the many families who recognize teachers’ dedication during the 2023-2024 school year by honoring them on our ACE Awards wall!


Lisa Ballard

Erin Kehew

Marcy Sawin

Kate Brown

Michelle Marino

Angela Spirito

Andrea Halvorsen

Ms. Meagher

Bethany Stone

Heather Hufnagel

Tori Rieger

Bethany Weart


Kelsy Bullock

Elizabeth Hubbard

Amy Stout

Briana Danielson

Priya Nute

Jordan Vetstein

Ann Duvall

Glenna Ratcliffe

David Williams

Olivia Hanlon

Melissa Schwendemann


Rebecca Amaral

Jeff Kotkin

Christine Smaldone

Ryan Brown

Georgia Mulgrew

Carolyn Sutherland

Ms. Durkin

Sheila O’Brien

Ashley Zotkin


Kat Caravaggio

Patrick Mello

Michelle Savage

Mr. Ferguson

Sarah Murphy

Lisa Straight

Miss Jenna

Emily Rosso

Kate Valukis


Ben Adams

Kelly Giusti

Alyssa Rosenberg

Denise Allen

Eddie Good

Abbey Salon

Kathleen Almeida

Ivar Henningson

Gene Sigalovsky

Rachel Barton

Jennifer Hymes

Marlo Strout

Kellie Chavero

Cole Johnson

Susan Venturoso

Ben DeMott

Maura Keating

Julie Walker

Kevin Donegan

Kevin Laux

Caron Warren

Alex Duca

Rose Morrison

Jessie Winslow

Elise Durgarian

Michael Neagle

Brooke Ehle

Allison Risser

Andrea Flintoff

Joaquin Rodriquez Villar


Miguel Alba

Humberlys Galindez

Alexandra Reiter

Jordan Alonso

Thomas Grandprey

Amy Schrepfer Tarter

Charli Asta-Ferrero

Mike Guanci

Helen Sotiriou

Zachary Brumbaugh

Tracie Lopez

Kathleen Thompson

Rebecca Chen

Jason Messina

Erin Shanahan

Ariel Cox

Jane Murphy

Seth Weiss

Brian Fauvel

Mark Nolan