Community Campaign

Today’s Investment for Tomorrow’s Learning

Community Campaign

A contribution to SERF is a contribution to creativity, enrichment, and innovation.

Dear SERF Supporters,
This year the Sudbury Education Resource Fund kicks off our first ever Community Campaign. This initiative recognizes the entirety of our SPS and LS communities by asking you to join us in ensuring that our community’s classrooms will continue to have resources that inspire students’ curiosity, discovery, awe, and engagement.

Since 1991 SERF has funded more than $1 million in educational grants to Sudbury educators. In just the past four years more than $200,000 of SERF funding has found its way into students’ school experiences.

In the 2021-22 school year, SERF awarded Science teachers at Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School a grant to challenge their Forensic Science and Anatomy & Physiology students to use analytical skills to solve a crime. With kits comprised of human bone replicas – some crafted with intentional distortions – students will observe, measure, and compare the bones to project height, sex, age, and possible geographic origin of the skeletal remains.

Teachers at all schools supported students in designing and writing their own grants through our Student Grant Initiative. This brought flexible seating to Noyes, a Ninja Warrior/ Parkour Course to Nixon, a school garden at Loring, dolls of famous women of color to Haynes, books with diverse characters to Curtis and computer components for film animation and editing to LSRHS.

Teachers applied for grants to support the LSRHS Mathematics Department in hosting the Reality for Life Fair. This assists the community and school to work in collaboration with a positive message and hands-on learning guiding students to think about their financial futures.

A teacher grant at Haynes Elementary supported the installment of a playground communication board. The board is an integral tool providing accessibility and inclusion for all students. A Noyes Elementary, teacher submitted a grant providing students with Ukulele instruments. This allows for music instruction in basic chords and progressions, strum patterns, and proper technique to be able to play the ukulele. To help support their climate change unit, teachers at Curtis applied for a grant to provide a Kill A Watt tool used on any items that consume electricity.

In over 30 years of serving Sudbury’s K-12 schools, SERF’s mission remains constant: to invest funds into innovative and enriching grants that get students excited about learning and about being a part of their Sudbury community. We can’t do it without you! Generous donors, like you, have made it possible to get interesting tools into students hands and enrich their daily learning experiences. Join us to ensure funding will be available for innovative and enriching grants to continue throughout future years!

Your annual donation to SERF is an investment in the high quality and innovative educational excellence of the Sudbury Public Schools and Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School (K-12). Every family can make a difference, and we thank you for your donation!

With sincere thanks,
Julie Heim Jackson and Amy Arrigo
Sudbury Education Resource Fund Co-Chairs

Haynes students learn about famous women of color in history by filling their physical learning space with tools like these dolls representing famous women of color awarded through a SERF student grant.

Students at LSRHS are practicing and growing their connectedness, community and school pride as well as helping maintain well-being through a SERF grant supporting activities for their Friday Fun Days held by the Cultivating Community Committee.

Nixon students enjoy new challenges practicing focus and concentration, agility and balance on Ninja gym equipment provided through the SERF Student Grant Initiative.

Curtis Middle School’s music department has received grant funding for a variety of instruments over the years including a tuba, marimba, and xylophone.

Students at Noyes try out new flexible seating options allowing them to wobble, rock, bounce and lean to engage greater attention and focus.

Students at Loring built raised garden beds with supplies supported through a grant from SERF.