Gizmos Online

Gizmos is a web-based learning platform with an extensive library of lab simulations that provide engaging, interactive science simulations. Gizmos simulations encompass all core Science disciplines taught at LS.

The Gizmo software was super helpful/educational! The many diagrams and simplified explanations of the system really helped me to connect the dots and understand the steps of the system. This activity is really when everything clicked for me.

-LSRHS Science Student

Our usage of our Gizmos account has been fantastic! According to end-of-year data received from Explore Learning, there have been over 1,097 teacher logins, and 9,501 student logins with over 11,447 student Gizmos views to date! Our teachers have been pleased with the extensive variety of lab simulations in the Gizmo library and the ability to choose differentiated content for different levels of learners. Gizmos has been used in Applied Science classes as well as AP level classes. The Gizmos simulations have provided robust interactive learning opportunities for Science students during this difficult year of hybrid and remote learning. Gizmos has been especially valuable to remote students who would not have had access to any laboratory experiences at all.

– Nicole Digenis, LSRHS Science Department Coordinator, and Christine Iskandar, LSRHS Science Laboratory Assistant

Nicole Digenis, LS Science Department Coordinator.