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Making the Most of Campus Visits

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One of my absolute favorite parts about being a college counselor (besides  working with families, of course!) is touring college campuses.

Let’s talk about the importance of visiting colleges, shall we? Truly, visiting ANY college is a “good” experience. Even if you decide that you don’t like a college, you’ll learn valuable information that you’ll take with you as you develop your own college priorities, or “wants.” Physically stepping foot on a college campus can provide you with tons of intel specific to you.

When I’m working with students beginning their college search, I’m often asked what to do on a campus. My answer? Spy! On a campus, I’m nosy: I
listen closely to the students, faculty, and staff around me, carefully observing conversations, gaining a sense of what people are talking about, what
matters to them right now, and even noting what they’re NOT discussing. I also try to pick up on the general vibe of the college. Are people holding doors for each other? Do I see professors talking with students or their peers? Are students chatting together or completely immersed in their phones? As a prospective student, you’ll want to take this one step further than me. Be honest with yourself: what kinds of interactions or bonding do YOU want to have when on a college campus?

Take notes for yourself—it will be important to you later, when evaluating your choices.

As you start to explore colleges, get yourself onto college campuses!. Once you’re there, take it all in. Start to realize what you care about, or admit to
yourself what you don’t care about. I promise that each campus visit will bring you closer to creating a list of colleges that are truly reflective of what you seek in your next academic step.

Jackie Woodson, Campus Bound has extensive experience in college admissions and admissions marketing. She worked in college admissions for more than a decade at institutions in and around Boston prior to joining Campus Bound and continues to read applications for local colleges needing assistance.

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