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Backpack Campaign

Securing school supplies, filling out school forms, reading school updates. How about donating to SERF?

Together we can help extraordinary teachers create extraordinary learning.

Join us in supporting innovative and enriching ideas across all of Sudbury’s schools, and ensure

the creative ideas of our children’s teachers are brought to life through educational grants.

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Did You Know?

SERF’s donors funded more than $80,000 in grants during the 2020-21 school year alone. Proposals submitted by Sudbury’s K-12 educators brought these (and more) valuable tools and engaging experiences to our students’ learning:

      • Digital Theatre subscription for students in LSRHS‘s English and Drama classes
      • Xylophones and Marimbas to launch a first-ever percussion ensemble at Curtis
      • Leveled Paper Books for young readers in quarantine from Haynes 
      • A new Drum Set at Noyes
      • A Traverse Wall at Nixon to promote physical, cognitive and social-emotional development during the school day
      • DIY Kites at Loring to connect literacy and engineering